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Transforming Your Sloping Yard Into a Useful Space

Functionality should be your main priority when designing your sloped yard in Salt Lake City. How do you envision making use of the space in your backyard?

Here are some practical landscaping ideas to think about:


Building up or out can make sloped lands more usable by constructing retaining walls. When constructing a wall, factors such as money and individual taste will determine the material chosen. They can be placed wherever to offer balanced support for the high or low end.


Preparing a huge area for outdoor living elements like a fireplace, outdoor kitchen, or expansive areas of turf requires leveling out a wide area.


Creating a walkway with a series of switchbacks can help you control the slope of your yard and provide easier access to different areas.


Flagstone or Siloam stair treads can give your home a unique look and feel.


Leaving the hill requires extra stability, which can be provided by a variety of shrubs and trees. If the slope is too steep, you can form a “bowl” around the plant’s base to keep water at the roots.


A less expensive alternative to a solid retaining wall is to use rip-rap or cobble rock to level out a slope.


Creating a cascading water fountain by utilizing the preexisting topographical features. The calming sounds of waterfalls and running water require a change in altitude.

Plants that do well on slopes

Choosing the right plants for your sloping landscape is crucial. Selecting plant species with deep roots, resistance to drought, and erosion control is essential if you want to have your plants put on a slope. Choose plants that are native to Colorado if you can, as they will be better adapted to the climate here. When it comes to preventing soil erosion, native plant species often perform well. Many more plant options become available when working with a landscape that has been leveled. Installing erosion control netting before planting grass seeds on a slope helps keep the soil and seeds in place while the grass grows. Drip irrigation should be planned for any trees, shrubs, or annuals that you intend to grow on the slope.

When you landscape your sloping yard, you not only make the more usable area available, but you also make a lovely place for you and your family to spend time outdoors. Millburn Landscaping & Design staff can build a beautiful landscape for your sloping yard without any hassle on your part. Get in touch with us today to arrange your free consultation.



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