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Fall Landscaping Services

Millburn Lawn & Landscape provides comprehensive residential and commercial landscaping services throughout Salt Lake City.

We offer Fall lawn care and landscaping services around Salt Lake City, including mowing and maintenance.

Rake with bags of leaves

Fall in Salt Lake City is absolutely beautiful with all the colorful leaves. However, if you have lots of trees on your property, you know all the work that goes into cleaning up after the trees have shed their leaves. Millburn Lawn and Landscape provides full fall landscaping services including leaf cleanup, tree trimming, fall lawn aeration, and fall flower landscaping.

Our team of professionals are well-equipped to keep your property looking clean and healthy throughout the fall months. We will also make sure your lawn and yard are properly prepared for the coming winter season.


Leaf cleanup can feel like an overwhelmingly big task and it is tempting to just let the leaves sit there. However, for the health of the grass underneath, it is imperative that you remove the leaves. We at Millburn Lawn & Landscape are ready and waiting to cleanup your property so you don’t have to. We rake up all the leaves and dispose of them, leaving your lawn looking fresh and flawless and ready for winter.


During the fall months, it is important to take the time to properly prepare your lawn and yard for the upcoming winter season. Fall fertilization is a necessary step in this process. Our team of professional landscapers will evaluate your property and determine what type of fertilization is required. We will fertilize your lawn and plants and ensure that your property is healthy and ready for the following seasons.


During the summer months your shrubs, trees, flowers, and grass require ample amounts of water, but as the year comes to an end, your property will need less and less water. In the fall, it is important to modify your irrigation system or to shut it down completely.

Our team of experts will prepare your sprinkler system for winter by draining the main water line, winterizing back flow and handling any and all other steps in the shutdown process. If you don’t shutdown your irrigation system correctly or at all, you may find yourself facing severe damages and costly repairs in the future.


Though the year is coming to an end and the chilly weather is rolling in, fall is a great time to start thinking about flowers. If you want to ensure a beautiful, colorful yard in the spring, now is the time to start planting tulips and other annuals. Our fall lawn care experts can help select the best flowers for your terrain and will recommend aesthetically pleasing landscape designs to enhance your unique property.


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