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Spring Landscaping Services

Millburn Lawn & Landscape provides comprehensive residential and commercial landscaping services throughout Salt Lake City.

We offer Spring lawn care and landscaping services around Salt Lake City, including mowing and maintenance.

Millburn Lawn & Landscape is fully equipped and ready to keep your property looking its best. With our full-service lawn and gardening company, let us take care of all your landscaping needs this spring.

Once the snows melt, our award-winning team will have your property looking clean and healthy in no time, so that you can truly enjoy the springtime weather and feel proud of your home or property. On top of that, we will ensure that your property is prepared for the rest of the year.


As you know, the cold months in Salt Lake City devastates lawns and gardens. That’s why spring cleanup is absolutely necessary. Consistent and thorough springtime lawn care is essential for ensuring a clean, beautiful yard throughout the rest of the year.

Millburn Lawn & Landscape promises professional spring clean up services. We take care of any damage that happened during the winter and offer services including everything from pruning and trimming to spring seeding preparation, flower bed maintenance, and water fixture maintenance.


During the spring, weeds begin to pop up everywhere. Weeding can be a dull, thankless task, but it is extremely important for maintaining a healthy lawn and garden. Let us take care of the weeds for you. We provide persistent and reliable de-weeding services to help keep your lawn looking its best.


Spring lawn care must also include aeration. Our professional landscapers are equipped to perform this necessary service. Aeration involves reducing compacted soil to promote healthy plant life. If you want to maintain a luscious, green lawn, we need to make sure that water, air, and nutrients can easily circulate through the soil of your yard.

Aeration is best done in the spring because it helps your lawn to recover after the harsh winter months. Keep in mind, aeration also benefits and prepares your lawn for future seasons, too.


Fertilization is another important component of springtime lawn care. All plant life depends on nutrients from the soil for growth and health. At Millburn Lawn & Landscape, we know the best way to fertilize any given yard and we will make it our goal to keep your landscape, flowers, and plants fresh and thriving.

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