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Your Grass Also Has a Wish List for the Christmas

Many of you have probably already started decorating the halls for the most wonderful time of the year in Salt Lake City, Christmas.

Don’t overlook one crucial item that has its own set of holiday hopes and dreams when you start making your holiday preparations.

Your Yard!

Yes. In the midst of all the wonder and madness of the season, don’t neglect your yard’s requirements. Read on to find out what services Millburn Landscaping & Design offers and why they’ll benefit your lawn.

Clear Away the Fallen Leaves And Other Garbage

If you want to get the most out of your outdoor decorating, you should spend some additional time clearing the yard of trash and dead leaves before you start. You need not sweep every inch of your yard, but you should do so if you have power cords running through it.

Spending additional time on your yard will not only make it look nicer, but it will also help prevent fires. Large amounts of dead leaves and other garbage enhance the risk of a fire breaking out in dangerously near proximity to your home.

Feel free to spread new mulch around your shrubs and plants now. Ensuring that your delicate plants are protected from the cold might be the best solution till spring.

Move Decorations Seasonally

Even if you don’t utilize inflatables, it’s still a good idea to change up your holiday display every so often. The grass might be harmed if you leave heavy decorations in one area for weeks or months at a time.

As spring arrives, you may notice unsightly bald patches where grass formerly flourished. If you use less heavy decorations or move them around your yard, you may prevent the most possible harm.

Create a simple plan for when you’ll decorate for Christmas and stick to it. You can leave your more heavy decorations up for a period of up to two weeks at a time. When this period of time has passed, they should be relocated and left in their new location for another two weeks to mature. Use this schedule throughout the winter holidays.

The Majority of Your Home’s Decorations Should Be Permanent Fixtures

Hanging Christmas lights over your home will do minimum damage to your well-cultivated grass. Using just lights instead of heavy Christmas decorations protects the landscape from damage.

In addition to improving your home’s inside and outside, lighting may do wonders for its visual appeal. Don’t go overboard, but a few well-placed lights may do wonders to make your house seem more like a winter wonderland and the festive spirit.

Put Your Christmas Lights on a Timer Already!

Please make use of a timer if you plan on decorating your home or yard with Christmas lights. Protecting your grass requires the use of a timer. By setting up a timer, you may avoid crossing your yard every day to switch on the lights.

Extra foot activity in the yard during the winter can damage the grass and other plants. No more will you have to go back and forth across your lawn to plug in light strings before returning inside. Get yourself a timer from the hardware store, and you’re good to go. Your stress about the holiday lights is over.

It’s Dangerous To Use Candles

Sure. Though they’re lovely, candles have no place in outdoor holiday decor. Candles pose a serious risk of starting a fire. Considering all the flammable materials present in your home (lawn, bushes, inflatables, etc.), this is not the location to start a fire. If your lit candle falls over, you risk a fast-moving flame headed toward your house.

Candles, if used, should only be lit within the residence. Never leave a residence with candles burning, whether inside or out. Your family’s and your own security rely on it.

If you have any questions concerning the care of your lawn over the winter, Millburn Landscaping & Design is here to help you. 

Snow and ice removal, landscape care, tree pruning, and landscape design are just some of the services provided by Millburn Landscaping & Design.



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