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When Spring Lawn Aeration Is Necessary

During the growth, the season is when you should aerate your grass. That is easy enough to understand, right? Yet, things get more complicated since many types of grass have distinct active growth periods in Salt Lake City. There are two prime aeration seasons for cool-season grasses: spring and fall. The best time to plant warm-season grasses is throughout the spring and summer. If you want to aerate your own lawn in spring, you need first identify the type of grass you have, as different grasses have different aeration schedules.

Grass for Hot and Cold Weather

Active growth occurs at different times of the year for the warm season and cold season grass. Warm-season grasses are typically active in growth from April through October in the United States. Warm-season grasses thrive in warmer regions because they can withstand higher temperatures and longer periods of drought. Most warm-season grasses become dormant when temperatures drop and turn brown or yellow until spring. In contrast, cool-season grasses thrive in regions with extremes in temperature throughout the year. These grasses thrive throughout the cooler seasons of spring and fall and may even go dormant during the warmer months.

When Should Warm-Season Grass be Aerated?

Lawns benefit from aeration because it helps water and nutrients go down to the grassroots by loosening the soil and thatch. A faster growth rate and better grass health are two benefits of this method. Aerating warm-season grasses like Bermuda, Buffalo, and Zoysia in the spring or summer are ideal. This is the time of year when these grasses flourish.

When to Aerate Grass During the Cool Season

Aerating is most effective in the spring and fall, when the weather is milder, for cool-season grasses like Ryegrass, Fescue, and Kentucky Bluegrass. These grasses thrive throughout the cooler months but may hibernate during the warmer ones. Hence, if you want a healthy, green lawn, you should aerate it when the roots are still actively growing.

What Is the Recommended Aeration Schedule for a Lawn?

Aerating your lawn once a year is recommended for most residential lawns. One aeration per year should be sufficient to promote healthy grass development throughout the growing season, provided that you aerate at roughly the same time each year. On the other hand, if your lawn is subjected to a lot of foot activity or if the grass just doesn’t appear to thrive throughout the year, you might need to aerate it twice a year until it returns to a state of healthy growth.

Aerating Your Lawn: How to Know if You Need to Do It

There are a few obvious signs that indicate it’s time to aerate your grass. You should aerate your yard once a year and keep an eye out for any signs that water is not permeating the soil as it should. Watering your lawn and seeing puddles form or the soil drying up rapidly are both indications that your soil is compacted, preventing water from reaching your grassroots. Additional symptoms include brown or dead grass patches, thin and drab grass, or a general lack of growth (if at all). Any of these might be signs of soil that are too compacted to benefit from regular aeration.

When It’s Not a Good Idea to Aerate Your Grass

It’s crucial to understand not just when you should aerate your grass but also when you shouldn’t. Never aerate your lawn when the grass is dormant; doing so invites weeds and other unwanted pests. Don’t aerate your grass if it’s too damp or muddy. Although it’s tempting to schedule aeration before the warm weather arrives, it’s better to wait till the grass is actively growing.

Learn How to Aerate a Lawn from the Experts

There are several variables to consider when deciding if and when to aerate. It’s not easy to tell what’s best for your grass type and environment, even with solid information. Nevertheless, help is on the way from Millburn Landscaping & Design. Our professional aeration treatments will bring out the full greenery of your grass. Come see us to hear about all the ways in which we can improve your home’s outside space.



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