Utilize Additional Yard Space with Hardscaping Additions

Utilize Additional Yard Space with Hardscaping Additions


In recent years, there has been a rise in the popularity of outdoor eating and lounging areas in Salt Lake City. A spacious backyard is a selling point for many homebuyers. You may add a hardscape feature to your property if you’re tired of seeing empty space but don’t want to add more plants and bushes. Your patios, walls, fire pits, grills, and outdoor kitchens are all examples of hardscapes or non-living parts of your landscape. Hardscape features are needed to host parties and relax in your gorgeous garden. An additional benefit of hardscaping is the 5-10% rise in property value it may bring.

You should consider the following four things while planning your landscape:

  • Functionality/usability
  • Budget
  • Space
  • Circumstances/situations

The following are some of our preferred hardscaping features:


These structures are ideal when you need a shady spot to kick back and enjoy some company. Decorating a pergola with curtains and lighting might help you create a private haven in your own garden.


Only one kitchen is better, right? There are not one but two kitchens! Outdoor kitchens are fun gathering spots since they often include amenities like barbecues, sinks, refrigerators, and even a music system. An outdoor kitchen is a beautiful hardscape addition that may raise the value of your property by as much as 20 percent.


A fire pit, fireplace, or table may create a cozy and welcoming vibe to your outdoor space. They make outdoor camping seem like you’re relaxing in your own garden. If you value comfort and ambiance and are willing to put in the time and effort to clean up afterward, a wood-burning alternative may be worth your consideration. The gas fire feature is a relatively low-care addition to any outdoor space.


People are often attracted to water features like this because of the calming effect of the water’s motion. Our architects and designers are big fans of placing loud water features next to patios and windows to make you feel immersed in leisure. Remember that water fountains and other water features require care, such as cleaning and winterizing, to provide a good return on investment.


Patios are pretty flexible since they may be designed to complement a wide variety of landscape aesthetics and design themes and can even be combined with other hardscaping elements to increase their practicality. Incorporating a fire pit, installing heaters, or constructing a shelter-like structure are just a few of the many alternatives available to make patios use throughout the year. A patio is always a safe bet.


As was noted earlier, if you have a yard that slopes, a retaining or sitting wall are a terrific choice for you to consider taking advantage of in order to level the ground and give a social space. Fire pits and fireplaces are perfect companions for seating walls because the warmth from the fire is reflected off the wall and into the room. It is possible to include a garden planter into a retaining wall, which is a beautiful concept for softening the appearance of the stonework with some greenery.


Make your own mini-royal garden, complete with winding paths leading to each focal point. Creating a path through the grass is a simple and appealing method to break up a large area of grass. Consider brick pathways for a traditional design, or stone stairs for an inviting one, when deciding on the perfect route for your landscaping. When budget is a concern, flagstone is preferred over pavers or concrete because of its natural elegance at a reasonable price.Whether you plan on staying in the house for the foreseeable future or putting it up for sale, beautiful landscaping may provide a high rate of return. You may use the advice above as a jumping off point for your next project, and when you’re ready to take the landscaping plunge, we’ll be here to help you plan and build your ideal outdoor space.

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