The Value of a Living Wall in Your Home or Business

The Value of a Living Wall in Your Home or Business

Salt Lake City Business Living Wall

Add some life to your home or workplace with a living wall, also known as a green wall or vertical garden. They’re well-known for their positive effects on our health and happiness, and not only in a superficial way. Improving the quality of indoor air using living walls has been shown to increase energy levels and productivity in Salk City. As urban areas continue to lose their green spaces, some residents have turned to green walls as an alternative.

If your workplace features dull neutral colors like grey or white on the walls and furniture, you may want to think about making some changes. Putting in a green wall at your workplace will make it more motivating and beautiful.

Now let’s have a look at the significant advantages of living walls.

The Use of Living Walls Helps to Increase Air Quality

We’re all aware that breathing polluted air is bad for our health, particularly our cardiovascular and nervous systems. There is no escaping the fact that we now breathe in polluted air on a daily basis. The World Health Organization estimates that each year, air pollution kills seven billion people. It is also said that today, nine out of 10 individuals breathe in dirty air. How readily we may be exposed to polluted air is alarming. You open a window in the hope of bringing in some much-needed oxygen. Well, if you happen to be a city person, you already know this is false. When we let in the air, which has already been poisoned by exhaust pollutants, it is because we open the windows. Air pollution can occur even in one’s own home due to the use of various cleaning products, the cooking/burning of food, and the use of various gas appliances. Considering all of this, it’s clear that polluted air is one of the most pressing health concerns of our time. Because plants are well-known for their natural air purifying abilities, installing green walls can be a huge step toward countering the issue.

Positive Effects on Health and Happiness

You must have observed that your attitude may change depending on your physical location. Factors outside of your control, such as those present in the workplace, can have a negative impact on your ability to get work done. Edward Wilson first proposed the biophilia hypothesis in the early 1980s. According to Wilson, humans should always be looking for ways to reconnect with the natural world. Researchers at Washington State University found that workers in environmentally friendly surroundings were significantly more productive. The studies also demonstrate that engaging with nature helps decrease stress, improves general well-being, creativity, and morale, and increases productivity.

If you’re not stressed out, your blood pressure will be healthy. Green walls improve our well-being in more ways than one, including our mood, motivation, and health, by releasing more oxygen into the atmosphere. A study found that compared to those who worked in greener areas, individuals who had little contact with nature were more likely to report symptoms, including dry skin, coughs, and exhaustion.

The Green and the Stylish

To put it simply, living walls are lovely. Who doesn’t enjoy pretty? Beauty has the power to uplift the human spirit.

Because of this, living walls are an excellent method of advertising. This is why many upscale establishments, including hotels, restaurants, pubs, and boutiques, have green walls installed. Having a vertical garden installed may really draw attention to a room. Many companies are using the fad to portray themselves as environmentally conscious. The company’s green reputation will benefit from this, as well. For instance, several auto dealerships have begun incorporating living walls into their showrooms in anticipation of the arrival of electric vehicles. Therefore, a large subset of customers, those who care about the environment, will find this quite appealing. The value of a home can supposedly be raised by as much as 20% thanks to green walls.

The Presence of Green Walls Has a Cooling and Soundproofing Effect

Living walls, as has been indicated, may be used both indoors and outside. Another perk is that by soaking and reflecting sound, they make enclosed environments more comfortable and less noisy. Since this is the case, many people throughout the world use this method while constructing freeways that cut through neighborhoods.

According to research from the University of Sheffield, a brick wall’s temperature may reach 40 degrees on a hot day, but a living wall’s temperature is reduced by a crucial 20 degrees. Due to their shading properties, green walls achieve this effect. The interior temperature is reflected, reducing energy consumption and creating a more comfortable work and living setting.


You should now realize how important it is to have live walls in your house or place of business. This is not only another passing fad in the world of design. The idea of incorporating vertical gardens into urban spaces is growing rapidly as people realize the many positive effects it may have on their health and quality of life. Living walls not only keep us safe but also aid in the greater goal of preventing more damage to our world. Installing a green wall is a simple way to help in the battle against climate change and global warming.

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