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The Most Effective Commercial Lawn Care Procedures for Watering and Sustainable Development

Watering and long-term sustainability are critical components of commercial lawn maintenance in Salt Lake City. The two components are intertwined and complement one another. Property owners must find a way to maintain a healthy lawn while conserving water to reduce their carbon footprint and maintain their green image.

So, what is the best way to get the best of both worlds? Consider incorporating these industry-recommended practices into your commercial lawn care schedule.

Three Water-Saving Tips for Commercial Businesses

Make the most efficient watering schedule possible.

Watering your commercial lawn in the early hours, before 10 a.m., is the most effective day. Because of the colder weather and calmer winds that prevail at this time of year, water can soak into the soil and be swallowed up by grasses before evaporation occurs. This schedule also aids in the prevention of illness spread, as a wet lawn at night has become a fertile breeding ground for fungal growth, which can spread quickly.

Reduce the frequency of watering and increase the depth of watering.

Even though regular, shallow watering only strikes the surface of the root system, humidity can easily fade away out of the soil before the roots can absorb the vitamins they require to thrive. The more effective step is to implement deep, rare waterings that invade the root system and encourage commercial yards to grow stronger due to the increased root system activity. It is suggested that lawns gain at least one inch of water per week, whether in a single session or divided into two sessions.

Consider Investing in a Better Irrigation System.

Today’s irrigation systems provide significantly greater flexibility and control than irrigation facilities of the past. Wireless networks enable the creation and adjustment of watering schedules in real-time in response to changing weather conditions, ensuring the most efficient operation. A smart irrigation system’s available to track local weather conditions and make the system a way to prevent flooding and other problems complements these manual upgrades. Watering and sustainable development in commercial lawn care are important considerations.

There seems to be a lot going into establishing a company’s reputation, and the landscape industry is everywhere. The responsibility of commercial property managers extends beyond the creation of aesthetically pleasing spaces; they are also set to make ecologically sensible choices that demonstrate their commitment to long-term sustainability.

At Millburn Lawn & Landscape, we have years of experience assisting businesses in achieving healthy, vibrant lawns while supporting efforts to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Our knowledge and enthusiasm for commercial lawn care have assisted us in establishing long-term relationships with a diverse range of clients, including commercial properties, retail centers, healthcare facilities, and condominiums. More information about our commercial lawn care services can be found here.



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