New Year’s Landscape Design Advice and Trends

New Year’s Landscape Design Advice and Trends


A popular saying goes, “A New Year, a New You.” This is also applicable to the landscape of your property in Salt Lake City. It’s not enough to just tidy up the flower beds and fertilize the grass if you want to give your landscape a facelift in 2023. This spring is the perfect time to give your grass a makeover that will boost the property’s value and curb appeal.

Here are the most popular landscape design developments to consider if you want to make changes to your outside space this year. Which one do you think has the most chance of succeeding where you live and how you have designed your outside space?

Low-Maintenance Landscaping

We are always on the go and rarely have time to tend to elaborate gardens regularly. Low-maintenance landscaping is common because they make your property more aesthetically pleasing without requiring you to put in a lot of effort. Plants and flowers that can survive in dry conditions are used in these environments. Trees, bushes, and shrubs that provide little to no value to your property should be cut down and removed.

Transform Your Yard into a Destination Location

Create a relaxing space in your garden. Transform your backyard into a relaxing retreat by adding a beautiful privacy fence, exotic plants and trees, high-end masonry accents, fire pits, a pergola or gazebo, and plush outdoor furniture. If you need some relaxation, you need to go no farther than your own backyard.

Design Outdoor Rooms That Serve Your Needs

Moving your indoor activities to your backyard is currently trendy if you reside in a warm environment. Ensure the outdoor furniture is of excellent quality and can withstand the weather. Build yourself an outdoor “She-Shed” or “Man Cave” to indulge in your hobbies in peace and quiet.

Make Your Garden a Gathering Place

Incorporating food plants into your existing flower arrangement is a stylish and functional approach to altering your garden’s appearance. Regularly producing food for donation to local food pantries, soup kitchens, or shelters is a source of considerable significance and happiness for many individuals. Edible plants, such as fruits and vegetables, not only taste excellent but also come in a wide range of vibrant colors that enhance the aesthetic value of your garden. You may improve the aesthetics of your landscape while also helping others.

Planting in Containers

Another growing trend that can be seen all over the place is the installation of raised flower beds. With raised flower beds, you can simply include the particular soil required for growing your chosen plants and flowers, while reducing the time spent weeding. They may be both aesthetically pleasing and practical by dividing up your flower beds and preventing them from seeming too crowded.

Incorporate Containers and Pots for Everything Into Your Design

Don’t limit your imagination to planting flowers in a flower pot. You may modify the look and feel of your backyard whenever you like with the help of pots because they are easily moved about. There is a great diversity in the styles, sizes, colors, and designs of pots. Also, they may be crafted from a variety of resources. They may stand out on their own as focal points in your garden. Many homeowners, especially those with smaller yards, choose to replace grass with hardscaping features and highlight plants with strategically placed flower pots. Plants, grasses, trees, and even stone collections can be found in these pots.

The future is wide open, and the opportunities lie in the new year. Make a decision now to give your landscape a complete makeover that will amaze and impress your guests. Exactly which tendencies are you going to think about?

Preparing a brand-new garden layout for the year ahead? Well, Millburn Landscaping & Design is here to assist you. If you have an old landscape in Salt Lake City, our professionals can turn it into a stunning work of art. For an obligation-free discussion, please get in touch with us immediately.

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