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How To Choose A Commercial Landscaper

There are times and places for surprises. In this industry, the unexpected can be a huge source of frustration for property managers. Surprises can often be frustrating as well; if the provider fails to live up to expectations after they were promised they would. That’s why it’s essential to do thorough research before finding a company in Salt Lake City, Utah that will meet all your needs—to avoid disappointment later on. 

Whether you search online or speak directly with them, their responses will still provide an essential helping hand in choosing the perfect company for this particular job.

Get Answers to These 3 Commercial Landscaper Questions

What Types of Services Do You Provide?

There are many different types of services for taking care of your property. 

Lawn care techniques are not just one style or technique. 

A commercial landscaper will offer a variety of techniques so they can take care of all the areas around your property that need tending. 

It is much easier when the company that cares for your irrigation will also handle snow and ice removal during wintertime. 

You don’t have to call multiple companies whenever something else arises. 

Another advantage is that this company will be able to grow along with your needs over time!

Do You Have a Sample Picture of Your Work to Share?

There’s a sense of ease knowing your commercial landscaper has experience working with properties similar to yours and within the same scope. 

After all, healthcare facility managers face different challenges than homeowner associations, and expansive commercial spaces will need a larger crew and more equipment than miniature landscapes.

A commercial landscaper’s portfolio can provide valuable insight into the projects they’ve worked on in the past, building connections if possible. 

This portfolio also shows their experience level in this field, as an established company would have a broader range of relevant pictures than newer competitors. 

On the other hand, you could request references from current clients who have hired them before too. 

This allows you to learn more about what other people think about their work ethic or if they’re easy to work with – such as whether or not they showed up when they said they would or delivered high-quality work without significant gaps between jobs.

What Kind of Licensure Do You Have?

Landscaping services offered by unlicensed landscapers often cost less upfront. Often, they don’t purchase liability or workers’ compensation insurance since they don’t pay a licensing fee.

This approach may seem attractive because of the low price point, but plenty of potential pitfalls exist. 

There is no licensing board to complain to, so there may be no response from your commercial landscaper if your lawn experiences problems after maintenance services. 

If there is no insurance, property managers are left with the financial burden in case damage to the grounds occurs or an employee is injured on the job.

This is why you must verify the license and insurance of a commercial landscaper for your project.

Additionally, you’ll ensure that you won’t have to hire a new landscaper to fix previous problems since this provides peace of mind in terms of legal protection.



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