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3 Important Methods to Maximize Your Snow Removal Budget

The harsh winters in Salt Lake City can pose serious problems and safety issues for your business. When it comes to snow removal and ice management for commercial purposes, the number one priority is always public safety. After everything is said and done, snow removal services ensure the safety of those who use your driveway and sidewalks and protect you from serious liability claims. Because of this, we devote the vast majority of the year to planning and preparing for the coming season.

In this article, we will go over the four most important tactics that will help you get the most out of your money spent on snow removal.

1. Salt Matters

We have heard some of the largest suppliers of salt declare that they are experiencing salt shortages over the past several years, which is pushing up demand and leading in price hikes that will have an impact on your budget for snow removal. Snow removal companies are under a lot of pressure as a result of the strain on salt supplies, which makes it more difficult for them to deliver on their commitments to maintain your property clean and risk-free.

What level of confidence do you have that your contractor has obtained salt for the next winter? What do you understand about the salt supplies, and how it can affect the safety of your property in the event that a reliable strategy for storm management is not in place and sponsored by your contractor? If your contractor hasn’t yet obtained salt, which is necessary for melting snow and ice and keeping premises safe, where will the salt come from? These are essential inquiries that you should have for oneself. Your snow removal company will not bring this up in your upcoming meeting to go over winter services.

Take the initiative to keep your property secure by using some of these snow-related techniques. Make sure the contractors you choose are committed to helping you carry out your storm management strategy. You should not be afraid to ask the difficult questions. You’ll be pleased you did.

2. Keep in Touch With Your Snow Removal Service

The reality is that many people who make a job shoveling snow won’t tell you that they’re worried about a lack of salt because they don’t want you to worry (and cancel your service).

However, you have a responsibility to find out whether or not your contractor has purchased the necessary supplies to meet your contract. Inquire about the number of salt suppliers your contractor uses and the quantity of salt that was consumed by your contractor during the previous season. Inquire further as to whether or not they have made a pre-order for salt. To put it simply, you need to obtain a sense of the plan that your contractor has in place for acquiring sufficient salt this year in order to complete your commercial snow removal contract.

It is important because:

As a result of the increased demand for salt, suppliers are demanding that contractors pay for their salt in advance. Salt is purchased by contractors in quantities of thousands of tons every season; at Millburn Landscaping & Design, it is not unusual for us to place a hold on ten thousand tons for the duration of a single winter.

Because of the significant increase in costs this year, not all contractors are willing to make the necessary investment right once in order to guarantee their supply. As independent contractors, we’ve seen a 40–50 percent rise in our expenses.

The lack of salt is more of a problem than the pricing problem. Because of this, you really need to have a discussion regarding salt with your contractor before it starts to snow heavily.

Tip: If you want to make sure that your snow removal business has enough salt to complete your commercial snow removal agreement for this winter, make sure to ask your snow removal contractor for a guarantee.

3. Assess Your Current Storm Management Strategy Right Away

Just how long has it been since you took the time to go through your strategy for dealing with a storm? Don’t wait for the first snowstorm to assess the effectiveness of your snow removal strategies.

Examine your plan for the upcoming winter to reduce the amount of product waste that accumulates on the property and give it careful consideration. When working with customers, one of our favorite activities is to sit down with them and go through the plan together, noting high-traffic locations, potential danger zones, and key areas for snow removal. Now is the moment to get a deep insight of the ways in which your property is utilized in terms of time, traffic patterns, and other factors.

Product conservation is something that the industry as a whole is being pushed to do. This is nothing new for us here at Millburn Landscaping & Design, as we have always been on the lookout for ways to make the most of our resources by utilizing non-traditional approaches.

Consider putting more of an emphasis on reducing salt use as part of your storm management preparation. This is generally a good idea. As a result, you and your contractor will need to reevaluate your current approach to snow and ice management and make adjustments to fit your available funds for snow removal.

Expert Tip: Inquire as to whether or not the organization intends to use other materials except rock salt to ensure the safety of your property.

Questioning an Expert in the Snow Industry
The staff at Millburn Landscaping & Design is aware of the fact that you require a proactive and strategic partner in order to maintain the cleanliness and safety of your property throughout the harsh winters in Salk City. When it comes to getting a guarantee from your contractor, you shouldn’t wait until the first snowfall to do it. Make sure to get in touch with us now.



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