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The Most Popular Landscape Designs for Estates in Salt Lake City

You’ve got the best concept for a patio ever saved on Pinterest. You discovered a pool that may make your Salt Lake City house into a luxurious retreat. You were enjoying a meal outside and noticed how cozy the pergola made the setting for your table. When you take a glance at your backyard, you see an opportunity.

Why not use some of these concepts, or incorporate them into a comprehensive master plan, to create the ideal outdoor living area you’ve always wanted?

Consider these five current trends in Salt Lake City estates if you’re looking for landscaping ideas.

Enlarge Your Outdoor Area for Fun 

You want to add a seating area to your patio, which already features an outdoor kitchen. You may simply increase the footprint overall to have room for additional visitors or just to have some breathing room for yourself. It’s time to expand your outdoor living space by taking over nearby land. Do this by constructing pathways to link the various patio areas with the main “landing.” You may even construct an extension to your patio and use a new, contrasting patio material to demarcate the new living space. The patio extension will complement your home’s design, fit in with the environment, and flow into the existing area thanks to the work of a professional landscape architect.

Design a Swimming Pool and Spa to Fit Your Yard 

There are two types of vacations: traditional trips and vacations spent at home. The best way to escape the stress and hectic pace of contemporary life without booking a flight is to have your own private pool and spa.

A resort atmosphere may be created with a smaller pool. Smaller pools are more manageable, cheaper to heat and maintain, and more flexible regarding where they may be placed in the yard. Adding a spa is also quite trendy. We are also devoting more attention than ever to finding ways to subtly blend the pool and spa into the surrounding landscape, giving the impression that they have always been a part of the space.

Complete an Outdoor Space with a Pergola 

Pergolas add the finishing touch to an outdoor space by giving it shape and shade. Pergolas are striking additions to outdoor spaces because of their unique design. Pergolas provide the practical purpose of delineating a family room, dining area, or general entertainment space outside. Because it offers some shelter from the weather, a pergola allows you to spend more time outside. In addition, a pergola has a special way of making people feel at ease and close to one another.

Maximize Your Outdoor Time by Improving Your Landscape Lighting

Perhaps you already have some standard landscape lighting or outside fixtures to illuminate your walks, driveway, or front and back doors. Just the basics. Lighting for outdoor spaces, however, has advanced greatly in recent years. Color-changing lights let you customize festive atmospheres for special occasions like holidays and sporting events. Systems that highlight architectural features might make your property look more three-dimensional at night. Trees should be uplit, and the landscape’s key points should be subtly illuminated. The ability to see in outdoor gathering, play, and cooking areas is greatly enhanced by landscape lighting.

Capture the Most Stunning Scenery

Visualize a pool that looks out over the Hudson Valley from a cliff. Instead, imagine a spa placed inside a garden-like setting built for both beauty and silence. At Millburn Landscaping & Design, we create pools and spas that complement their surroundings and highlight Salt Lake City’s beautiful scenery. It’s the same with decks and barbecue pits. Having this capability will allow us to embrace our natural surroundings fully.

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