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Lawn and Landscaping Services in Bountiful, Utah

Transform your homes with Millburn Lawn & Landscape professional residential landscaping design and services in Bountiful, Utah.

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Experience and extensive knowledge in the traditional and latest trends in lawn and landscaping including design, project execution and maintenance is what Millburn Lawn and Landscape offers in Bountiful, Utah. A customized approach is applied to every property, depending on the needs, style, and vision of every client, as discussed in the evaluation together with our design experts. We begin the work after all considerations are met and agreed upon.

Enjoy your property to the fullest and invest in the best products and latest equipment to make your lawn as beautiful as you want them to be. Our team also provides in depth advice and services to maintain and keep your lawns healthy and stunning all year long. Get detailed reports, estimates, and plans prior to the project execution for a guaranteed client satisfaction at the end of the project.

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Bountiful, Utah Fall Sprinkler System Blowout

Not preparing your sprinkler system for Fall and the coming Winter can result in damages and costly repairs next Spring. Our team at Millburn Lawn & Landscape can expertly handle all aspects of your sprinkler system blowout to ensure healthy sprinklers next Summer. Call today to let us handle the cost of winter with a sprinkler system blowout and keep your Bountiful, Utah lawns blooming.

Expert Fall Pruning Services, Bountiful, Utah

Fall is the perfect time for pruning, cutting back built-up dead growth that can destroy your beautiful blossoms and healthy plants. Millburn Lawn & Landscape have been helping residents of Bountiful, Utah nurture their lawns for 20 years, creating stunningly-kept landscapes. Let us save you time and schedule our Fall pruning service today to see your lawn transform.

Expert Fall Pre-pruning in Bountiful, Utah

With Fall on its way, troublesome leaf build-up is just a matter of time, leaving your lawns messy and swamped under layers of leaves. Let our Bountiful, Utah landscape specialists take on your worry by pre-pruning your plants, avoiding that unwanted build-up this Fall and saving you time and money in clean-up chores. Book a slot with our expert pre-pruning team, keeping your lawns beautiful all year-round.

Fall Fertilization Specialists, Bountiful, Utah

Summer can leave your lawn dry, under nourished, and in bad shape to survive the colder months. With Millburn Lawn & Landscape’s Fall fertilization services, your Bountiful, Utah lawns will be fully equipped to survive the colder months and “Spring” back into Spring. Schedule your Fall fertilization now and take full advantage of our fertilizer experts, taking the pressure off you this coming Fall.

Fall Aeration Expert Services, Bountiful, Utah

During the year, grass and soil can become compressed and compacted, making watering, and nutrient and air flow less effective, leading to an unhealthy lawn. Millburn Lawn & Landscape have 20 years of experience reviving tired lawns in Bountiful, Utah, ensuring that you reap the rewards without the work. Schedule your Fall aeration today and let our expert team beautify your lawn.

Fall Leaf Cleanup Experts, Bountiful, Utah
Avoid the inconvenience of the annual Fall leaf shedding and clean-up costs, and stop your lawns from suffering under layers of leaves. Millburn Lawn & Landscape have got you covered, with our team of highly trained professionals ready to take on the dirty work. Call us today and let our team of experts keep your Bountiful, Utah lawns fresh and flawless in Fall.

Bountiful, Utah Lawn Mowing and Maintenance Services

Taking care if your lawn takes a lot of time.  We have over 20 years of professional experience in Bountiful, Utah mowing lawns and lawn maintenance.  From proper lawn mowing, and proper fertilization we got you covered.  We will work diligently to keep your Bountiful, Utah lawn and inviting all year long.

Bountiful, Utah Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance Services

Our team of sprinkler technicians can help monitor and repair your Bountiful, Utah sprinkler system. We years of experience working in Bountiful, Utah using the latest irrigation technologies and water conservation strategies. Having an efficient, properly functioning sprinkler will keep your Bountiful, Utah proper looking green and healthy and your water bills at a reasonable price.


Residential Landscaping Services is one of the expertise we cater in Millburn Lawn and Landscape. We believe in providing value to every landscaping design project we commit our hearts to, with quality materials, plants and features that will surpass our client’s expectations. Budget wise, we provide designs suited to any household’s budget, without compromising the high expectations and quality committed by our team to our clients.


Commercial landscaping services is another specialty our team offers for properties in Bountiful, Utah. Companies who are looking for a good first impression, invest in beautiful lawns and gardens. Let us help you transform your business into a beautiful landmark of its own. Our team of experts and professionals are ready to help you!


We encourage you to view some of our previous projects. As you can see, we are adept at creating unique and beautiful landscapes for all types of properties.


Millburn Lawn & Landscape believes in taking good care of your investment. We provide maintenance services to keep your lawn as beautiful as possible all the time. Our team of professionals can regularly attend to provide care for your trees, flower beds, lawns as well as mechanical devices installed in your lawns. Focus on what matters and let us handle your landscaping needs.


Beautifully designed landscapes add interest, inspiration, and beauty whether in residential, commercial or public properties. Our team is equipped with experiences, tools and knowledge that can help create your dream landscapes. Whether you are looking for simple or elegant design for your property, Millburn Lawn & Landscape always have something to offer.


Our team of professional landscaping specialists are ready and eager to work on any kind of commercial property. Millburn Lawn & Landscape can design, create, and maintain a landscape that fits your unique property and business. We use the latest techniques, equipment and tools to keep your commercial property looking healthy and beautiful all year round.

Commercial High Rise Building


From corporate campuses to commercial offices, including office buildings, business centers, and executive suites, our team of highly skilled professionals can help keep your property looking healthy and sophisticated every month of the year. Never underestimate the benefits of a professionally designed and maintained landscape as it can help boost employee productivity and lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction.


Education campuses also deserve the best landscape care as possible. Our team works diligently to bring clean, sustainable, and inviting landscaping designs to each unique campus. We guarantee to carefully maintain and monitor the health of the landscape, making your campus an inviting and inspiring learning environment.

University of Utah Moran Eye Center


When we work on a healthcare facility or medical center’s landscape, our goal is to contribute to the physical and mental well-being of everyone who comes to the property, including employees, patients, residents, and visitors. Our team works hard to ensure the safety, comfort, and happiness of everyone who encounters the property. We consider everything from the walkways to providing shady areas to high-quality, integrated solutions for the specific needs of your facility.


Here at Millburn Lawn and Landscape we aim to enhance your property by providing gardens, pools, pathways, and attractive landscapes that will make your guests feel safe and relaxed. Once we design and create the perfect outdoor environment for your resort, hotel, or restaurant we will work diligently to maintain it, keeping it healthy and beautiful through every season.

Church Exterior


At Millburn Lawn & Landscape, we are trained to create and maintain peaceful and comforting landscapes both for cemeteries and houses of worship. We offer beautiful grounds keeping, including walkways, grass, flowers, and trees that support an atmosphere of serenity and respect.


Part of the retail business is creating an attractive location for customers to visit, a place where they want to spend time and spend their money. We can help with that! From shopping malls to chain stores to mixed-use town centers, we have the expertise to create eye-catching and eye-please landscapes that enhance customers’ experience.


Sports and Leisure

We understand the importance and specifics of landscaping for public spaces, parks, sports complexes, golf courses, and athletic fields. Our team of experts is specially trained to design and maintain a space that you can be proud of. We use the best equipment and most advanced practices to make sure your property is operational and inviting.

Home in Salt Lake City


We are happy to work with homeowner associations to ensure properly manicured lawns and gardens throughout the neighborhood. Let us take care of everything from mowing the grass to trimming the bushes and planting flowers in order to maintain the uniformity and aesthetic you desire.

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