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How to Prevent Rodents and Other Pests from Entering Your Garden

Damage from rodents in Salt Lake City can be prevented and treated with the correct tools and knowledge, unlike elements like weather and soil type that may significantly impact the health and appearance of your lawn. If you want to avoid the annoyance and safeguard your investment, keep reading for Millburn Landscaping & Design professional advice.

Who or what is destroying your grass?

The health and look of your lawn can be badly affected by rodents and other tiny animals that burrow, tunnel, or dig to look for food or refuge. You can better get rid of and prevent future damage from a variety of pests, some of which may include the following if you know what kind they are:


Moles have sharp, pointed noses and short limbs with strong claws, adaptations that allow them to burrow and hunt underground in search of the insects that reside in the soil under your grass. Mounds of dirt in the shape of a volcano may appear on your lawn or other outdoor spaces as the animals dig tunnels and roam about.


Voles resemble field mice in size and appearance and share many behaviors with moles, such as digging. However, they can more commonly be found feeding on the surface, where their vegetarian diet of grass blades, root vegetables, flower bulbs, and other plant matter is more easily accessible.

Skunks or Raccoons

Skunks or raccoons may have dug up your yard and garden several times. Both animals will ruthlessly tear up your lawn in search of grubs, which can result in costly repairs.


Pocket gophers, whose burrows can take the shape of a crescent or a horseshoe, may be the cause of mounds of soil you’ve seen around your yard. Even though plants make up the bulk of their diet, these animals can still cause problems by chewing on sprinkler lines.

Ground Squirrels

These rodents are similar to tree squirrels in appearance, but instead of living in a tree, they burrow underground. They can cause damage to your irrigation system by feasting on its parts in addition to the plants, leaves, and twigs they devour. Large elevated mounds can complicate yard maintenance, and walking about the property might be hazardous if you don’t watch your step.

How to Keep Rodents From Ruining Your Grass

After figuring out what went wrong, you can restore order to your outdoor space by following these steps.

  • Skunks digging on the lawn for grubs can significantly damage the grass. Grub management is the most effective means of protecting your lawn from animals like raccoons and crows, which may damage your grass in search of grubs. Keep your grass thick and healthy, and use an insecticide if necessary.
  • You can use humane traps to catch and eliminate rats and other pests.
  • Spreading predator urine granules throughout your yard will deter rodents, squirrels, moles, and other pests.
  • Rabbits and other pests may be scared away by the pungent stench of ammonia. Apply liberally to a fence or hang fabric strips dripping with ammonia at gateposts.
  • Most animals may be frightened off by motion detector sprinklers and security lights.

A healthy ecology includes rodents and other pests; their presence indicates a well-balanced environment. Get in touch with Millburn Landscaping & Design right now to learn more about preventing and repairing grass damage and maintaining a beautiful outdoor space.



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