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How Can I Make Use of Gabion in My Garden?

Gabion walls, made of wire baskets filled with rocks, are a popular new landscaping design in Salt Lake City. Although gabion has been used for thousands of years in many different cultures, it is just recently becoming a popular choice for American homeowners. It may improve the look of your garden without breaking the bank. Learn more about gabion and how you may implement this age-old technique on your own land.

Gabion: What Is It?

The term “gabion,” derived from the Italian word “gabbione,” refers to any type of enclosure that is filled with inorganic material. Common examples include rocks, although bricks and concrete rubble can also be utilised. The plan is to stuff the baskets with natural, visually appealing materials sourced from the area. The usage of wicker cages has been replaced with the more modern and durable option of wire.

Traditional gabion walls were initially used in ancient Egypt. Around 7,000 years ago, gabion was used to prevent erosion along the Nile’s banks. It was constructed as a defensive stronghold during the Middle Ages. In later years, gabion was utilised in engineering projects, including as the San Marco Castle’s foundation in Milan and the stabilisation and retaining walls of highways in construction projects all over the world.

Gabion is admired for its aesthetic value and its low environmental impact. There’s no need for mortar or cement, and you can use rubble from nearby construction sites to make it. Gabion is also quite cheap, usually just costing as much as the wire cages themselves.

Once installed, gabion will continue to protect your landscape for decades. The metal cages allow water to get through but the loose stones stay put. Gabion is flexible enough to adapt to shifting ground, so it can keep its aesthetic value for years to come.

Ideas for Making Your Own Gabion Baskets

In the garden, gabion may be repurposed for a variety of purposes, such as:

Retaining Walls: 

One common application of gabion walls in residential landscaping is for its original purpose, which is to hold back slopes. Stone and wire baskets provide a wonderful roughness and industrial style.


Modern, eye-catching seats may be easily made on your property by tucking gabion cages under a polished hardwood board or stone surface.

Edgers for Flower Beds: 

Gabion cages can be used to edge a flower garden in place of a raised stone border. This is a cheap DIY project that goes well with contemporary, rustic, or industrial decor.


Putting together a gabion planter box is simple. Construct the wire cage and place the polystyrene block in the middle. Then, fill up the space surrounding the container with stones and set a plastic flower pot on top. To finish off your gabion basket, fill the container with soil and plant your preferred flowers.

Visual Assertions: 

Stone’s natural beauty and varied textures are a welcome addition to any garden. When used as a privacy wall, a backdrop for landscape art, or a beautiful column, gabion is the ideal garden accent.

The easiest way to make this landscaping style work for you is to maintain the rest of your yard neat and tidy. Want someone else to take care of your grass, trees, and flower beds? If you want a professional garden management service, Millburn Landscaping & Design is the company for you.



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