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Avoiding Commercial Snow Removal Scams

If you’re a property manager looking into commercial snow removal services in Salt Lake City and Park City, you’ve probably heard some deals that sound too good to be true. However, if a commercial snow removal service makes guarantees that seem too good to be true, they probably are.

We didn’t want you to have to wait for ineffective results or potential liabilities after the fact, so we wanted to make sure you are aware of the different kinds of scams to watch out for and how to avoid the negative outcomes of these scams.

“Avail The Lowest Prices Now!”

For property managers with limited financial resources, a greatly discounted pricing for commercial snow removal can be an attractive offer. The contractors who advertise the lowest pricing are often the ones who try to take advantage of their customers.

As a rule, the lowest bidder on a project will also demand payment upfront in order to secure the contract and will also book up a large number of tasks. Since contractors likely have a queue of service requests to attend to, the snow may melt before someone shows up to remove it off your commercial property.

There are usually hidden costs behind these low prices. There is a lot of room for contractors to charge extra for things like severe snowfall and overtime because of the vagueness of the contracts. In addition to the stress that these hidden costs might cause, there’s no assurance that the final product will live up to the expectations of the company’s commercial property management.

“Experience the Benefits of Immediate Treatment”

At first, glance, having a commercial snow removal provider come to your door may seem like the easiest possible solution. Plus, they’re willing to start clearing your walkways and parking lots of snow and ice immediately.

Keep your guard up; this is a potentially dangerous situation. Whether they utilize snow removal equipment or just a shovel, inexperienced snow removal workers have a greater risk of damaging your property.

It is possible for snowplows to damage sprinklers, lift up areas of lawn, and knock over mailboxes (among other problems). Meanwhile, pavers, concrete, and grass can all be damaged by manual shoveling, which can lead to expensive repairs.

Then there are the risks involved. Contractors with less experience are more likely to have injuries on the job, and workers’ compensation may not be provided by the snow removal service. Therefore, a legal struggle may arise if an injury occurs on the premises.


The unfortunate reality is that scams will always be a part of the commercial snow removal industry. However, if property managers are aware of the red flags that indicate a possible snow removal scam, they will be better prepared to hire a reliable removal company that will maximize their long-term return on investment.



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