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Simple Outdoor Christmas Decorations: 5 Ideas

When the Christmas season is in full gear, it’s easy to go around the block and see dozens of houses dressed up in lights, inflatable Santas, and stuffed reindeer. However, there are several options for adding some color to your winter environment without turning on any electrical devices. We at are in the holiday mood and can’t wait to tell you about some of our favorite ways to spruce up your outdoor space in Salt Lake City using trees, twigs, and evergreens this winter.

Holly Bushes

The holly bush, commonly associated with the holiday season, is characterized by its evergreen leaves and festive red berries. Holly branches, which can be found at most home and garden centers, are an excellent choice for making wreaths and adorning front doors. In order to have beautiful holly plants in your yard all year round to greet guests, the beginning of winter is the best time to plant them. However, only female holly bushes produce the red berries; thus males should not be used in place of females. It’s possible to get fruit from a single female plant if you place her near a male plant or to get fruit from both plants by planting male and female plants side by side. One way or another, the presence of these plants in a yard blanketed in snow indicates the arrival of the winter holiday season.


You may put as much or as little effort into decorating your porch as you choose. Putting up a wreath on your front entrance is a simple way to get into the Christmas mood. Wreaths of every shape and size may be seen in stores at this time of year. You can make one, too, if you like doing things yourself. Traditional Christmas wreaths are made of evergreen branches, pine cones, and vivid red ribbons. People’s front doors may need a little color, and dried citrus is a great way to achieve that. Gather the kids and go on a walk around the neighborhood to collect acorns and other greenery if you’re stuck on what to put on your DIY wreath.


Although garland is often used inside, it makes a great ornament when displayed in the garden. If you want to decorate your front porch with something natural, try hanging some garland around the railings or intertwining some holly branches in it. Create a similar look by combining leftover Christmas tree garlands, beautiful birdhouses, and wooden signs.

Dwarf Alberta Spruces

You can’t have a Northwest garden without these cute tiny trees, which take on the appearance of Christmas trees as they mature. Put them in pots and put them on either side of the entrance door for a clean, sophisticated effect. It’s important to give spruces plenty of areas to grow up to 10 feet tall, so plan accordingly if you decide to plant any.

Outdoor Ornaments

Bringing the Christmas trees inside would be silly. Get some inexpensive decorations and decorate any bare-branched trees outside. Create your own birdseed ornaments and dangle them from the branches of your outside trees to attract beloved pets. Prepare bird seed with coconut oil or flavorless gelatin and cut out shapes using holiday-themed cookie cutters. The birds will appreciate it, and you’ll have an excellent vantage point for observing them throughout the winter.



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