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Landscaping Water-Saving Tips for 2021

With so many areas across the world severely suffering from drought’s, it makes the need to save water more imperative. Our landscaping company in Salt Lake City knows the best water-efficient landscaping features.

If you’d like to invest in water features that save water, keep reading!

Top 3 Water-Saving Tips for Landscapes

1.Plant Combustion Makeover

For existing landscapes, replace plants and shrubs that require a lot of water with water retaining or drought-tolerant plants. Be sure to swap your traditional grass for low-watering grass to save water.

For new landscapes, choose your plants and trees carefully as many plant variations demand lots of water. Also, place your plants reasonably far from each other to minimize the competition for water. Additionally, use munching to keep the moisture in your plants, lessening their need for lots of water.


If there are areas of your lawn that desperately require water, use hardscaping. Hardscaping includes using concrete or flagstones to replace your lawn. If you choose this option, be sure to schedule routine irrigation maintenance. This will help keep your pathways clear of leaves or debris, which could negatively impact your irrigation system.

3.Upgrade Irrigation Systems and Use Drainage Water Recycling

Consider using a drip irrigation system to deliver a controlled amount of water to your plants. Most modern irrigation systems offer water-saving features. And if you switch to micro-sprays and soaker hoses, you can extend the watering times for your plants without risking nutrient runoff or soil erosion.

Additionally, get heavy-droplet sprinkler nozzles as they focus on watering the roots of your plants and are highly water-efficient. Finally, a water recycling system is the best option to set in place.

You can use a reservoir, pond, or drainage ditch to collect your water and recycle it into your landscaping.

Save Water and Money Through Millburn Lawn & Landscape

As professional landscapers, we follow the best methods for water-efficient landscaping elements to help you save water and keep your landscape drought-adaptive.

Regardless of what you need done for your landscaping, you can count on Millburn Lawn & Landscape to get the job done.

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