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How to Prep Commercial Properties for a Salt Lake City Winter

At the foot of Winter, commercial property owners in Northern Utah brace themselves for the harsh impact of this icy season. It’s common for piles of snow to obstruct business operations and walkways. Not to mention what a safety hazard this can pose! However, at Millburn Lawn and Landscaping services, in Salt Lake City we’ve seen our fair share of Salt Lake City properties to understand what works best in Winter.

Although there’s not much that Salt Lake City business owners can do to stop Mother Nature and her snowy wrath, they can get their properties prepared to handle Winter. Here is a list of items to check-off for prepping your landscaping to survive the Winter.

Item #1: Clean Your Gutters

When debris buildups in your gutter channels, this creates a blockage and leads to water spilling over the gutter. Soon this overflow will cause cracks, leaks, and soil erosion that will eat away your landscape.

Unfortunately, the extreme snowstorms in Salt Lake City only worsen the matter as the debris will freeze and melt. Also, the volume of water will accumulate because of snow and ice, so if there’s nowhere for the water to go, the likelihood of cracks, leaks, and soil erosion is high.

Clean your gutters frequently to avoid this from happening and negatively impacting your landscaping.

Item #2: Drain Sprinkler Systems

Because they reduce water waste, sprinkler systems are a popular choice over manually watering landscaping. But sprinkler systems require seasonal maintenance for repairs or replacement. In Winter, however, you need to shut down your sprinkler systems completely and drain them.

If winter traces are left behind in your sprinkler system, the Winter climate will cause it to freeze and then thaw. This pattern of freezing and thawing will rupture the underground pipe walls, leaving you with a seriously broken sprinkler system that needs repairing or replacing.

Item #3: Hire Professional Landscaping Experts to Remove Snow

Way before the snow becomes more frequent, hire a professional landscaping and lawn service like Millburn Lawn and Landscaping to get the job done.

Doing this before the snow falls, will ensure we aren’t fully booked and can help you keep your commercial property in check throughout the Winter.

We have the expertise, equipment, and knowledgeable workforce to ensure your property is well-protected against Salt Lake City’s Winter weather!

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