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Unique Landscaping Element: Succulent Ground Cover

When it comes to creating a fuss-free space in the yard, succulent ground cover is a novel and low-maintenance alternative in Salt Lake City. Succulents are a great option for a low-maintenance garden because of their wide range of sizes, colors, and bloom types. This is the finest resource for learning how to plant, water, and care for succulent ground cover.

Find Out Where Your Hardiness Zone Is

Keep in mind that succulents thrive in hot, dry, and frost-free environments. The right types of this ground cover can even thrive in chilly, wet climates. Some well-liked choices are listed below:

  • Caucasian stonecrop
  • Hens and chicks
  • Creeping sedum
  • Ice plants 
  • Ghost plants
  • Echeveria 

How to Set Up a Succulent Garden

Succulents are great for xeriscaping because of their ability to withstand dry conditions. Gardens in places with water limitations benefit greatly from their addition of lush vegetation and colorful blooms. They provide great coverage with relatively few plants due to their creeping nature.

Succulents, in general, require soil with good drainage. Heavy soil can be lightened by mixing in some sand or gravel to the top few inches. Due to their limited root systems, succulents only require a few inches of well-drained soil at maximum. You should water your new ground cover frequently and lightly for the first month as it gets established.

Don’t put organic mulch around your succulents, since it might encourage fungi and pests. Furthermore, it retains far too much water to be suitable for these arid-region plants. Inorganic mulch choices like pea gravel or tiny stones work well.

How to Keep a Succulent Ground Cover Looking Good

Succulents are great since they don’t need much care. In addition to being pest and disease resistant, they also thrive in nutrient deficient soil. The weed-preventing qualities of ground cover are another benefit. Succulent ground cover upkeep requires the following:


When your succulents are in bloom, you should be on the lookout for blossoms that have withered and fallen off. Take them out and new flowers will grow in their place.


You should fill your watering can with liquid fertilizer once a year, at the beginning of the growth season. As summer approaches, this helps your ground cover thrive.


Some succulents, although being desert plants, require extra hydration. How often and how much is dependent on climate, sunlight, and soil. If you want your succulent ground cover to thrive, water it thoroughly and then wait to water it again until the soil is dry a few inches down. throughout the succulents’ active growing season, they require more water than they do throughout the winter.

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