Maintenance Services

Millburn Lawn and Landscape offers the best in the industry for our residential and commercial maintenance. With packages completely customized for you, we can provide you with everything for your property maintenance needs. We offer only the best equipment with newly sharpened blades on every lawn. Our basic services include mowing, trimming/edging, bagging and haul out. We make your lawn look its absolute best by blowing off all your driveways, walkways and patios, changing your mow pattern weekly and by providing free fertilization services for your first year of service. **

Sprinkler Blowout, Calibration and Repair


Millburn Lawn and Landscape offers a calibration service for your current irrigation/ sprinkler system. All our installations come with a free calibration as well. Calibrating your sprinkler system is important to ensure that your lawn stays green and healthy throughout the season. Spring is the best time to calibrate your system as it sets up your lawn for success the rest of the year. Our calibration service technicians also check your system for any leaks, exposed wiring or any other issues that can cause problems down the road.


  • Calibrate existing system for best coverage on each sprinkler head
  • Set each section timer to the specific needs of the corresponding area
  • We check all valves, solenoids and mainlines for leaks
  • We check backflow and stop and waste for any issues or leaks
  • We check all electrical wiring
  • We check the pressure of your system to eliminate unnecessary waste

System Repair

Our sprinkler/ irrigation technicians work on sprinkler systems everyday. They are fast and efficient at their jobs, saving you money. They will repair any issue in your sprinkler system, as well as help you to understand what caused the issue, and how it can be avoided in the future. Each repair comes with a free system calibration for the affected areas.


**Free fertilization for the first year when you sign up for weekly maintenance services through Millburn Lawn and Landscape. Includes 5 granular and 3-4 chemical treatments.**

We use the best fertilizer in the business. It is a slow release fertilizer (vs. quick release) to keep your lawn greener longer. Our chemical treatment also safely kills weeds while offering a burst of fertilizer to get your lawn its greenest fast. We will also spot spray weeds on a regular basis when necessary.

Our Spring treatment comes with a granular pre-emergent to help get your lawn started right, and suppress weeds throughout the season.

Our Winterization treatment keeps nutrients in your lawn throughout the winter so your lawn is greener in the spring.

Fall and Spring Clean-Up

Our fall and spring clean-up services including pruning all bushes, shrubs and decorative grasses. We clean out all your flowerbeds of leaves and weeds and haul out all trash. We can also bring in fresh mulch or bark for your flowerbeds to freshen up your property.

Weeding and Bed Maintenance

Millburn Lawn and Landscape is quick and efficient at weeding out your beds and replacing your mulch or bark. We will be in an out in the shortest amount of time possible, while providing excellent quality and leaving all lawn and other property virtually untouched. We clean up everything and haul it out to make sure that it is the least convenience possible for you.

Tree and Shrub Pruning

Snow Removal

Millburn Lawn and Landscape is proud to announce that we now offer snow removal services. We can work with you on a one time basis, or on a regular basis depending on your needs.